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The “Level 2” Screen Acting Course 

The Level 2 is for the more dedicated of the Level 1 participants or for those with some previous T.V and Film Acting experience or training. 

After studying the principles of “Screen Acting” in Level 1, Level 2 takes the student to a new level of commitment, awareness and professional requirement. Some of the screen work filmed on the “Level 2” can be used on a show reel, to show case the Actors talents. This will be decided by the student and teacher. Only excellent work will be used for this. 

It is designed to troubleshoot the weak areas of the Screen Actor discovered in Level 1, and practice the techniques learnt with scene-work. Entry to this course is discussed upon completion of Level 1 and by interview. 

Topics Covered: 

In depth Drama Auditioning (becoming an "Audition Machine"), Continuity and the Actor. Voice and Speech Coaching, Preparation warm-ups, detailed feedback, coaching. Acting Techniques- Script-work Physical and emotional script preparation, Increasing Emotional connection, ,Location scene shooting. Type Casting and the versatility of the Actor. 

Individual Scripts are written and chosen according to the group. Both well known and new scripts are used. 

**Guest Tutors and directors are invited into Level 2 to work on specific techniques and topics. Tutors include Ben Mitchell, John Watson and Sally Spencer-Harris**

Intensive 9 week course = $600 +Gst