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Course Culture - Sally Spencer-Harris

The culture of the courses here at “Studio 111”
are for the progress and betterment of you as a person, by tapping into the energy of who you really are.
In a very Warm, loving, trusting and creative atmosphere, you will experience an energy shift and a new awareness of yourself.
Great Acting is about opening, Trust, and technique.
We often hear it perceived that “Acting” is about “pretending” to be somebody else. Here at studio 111, we encourage you to explore all areas of yourself, in order to express the archetypes that would normally repress. Tapping in to the “whole” person. This makes Acting for Screen an easier and more natural process.
The effect of this gives a sense of “freedom” and liberation and an increase in confidence. Level 1 for example, has been quoted by many as being good for anyone to do, whether or not you want to become an Actor.
With ‘Screen Acting’, training it is also important to understand the technical side. A complete and comprehensive understanding of how you are coming across on screen ( and how to change that - shots, angles, marks etc.

Screen Acting For Theatre Actors
If you have had experience Acting in the theatre, you will find the focus here at Studio 111, is on helping you to become more truthful and aware of intensifying and pulling back your performance for the Screen. Often Theatre Actors struggle more with the concept of “Being”, on screen, but are completely liberated by discovering it.
It also improves Acting For Stage, and gives it a new dimension.
Whatever Level you consider yourself at, it is good to start on “Level 1”.