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Gigi Edgley
Australian Actor/Presenter
Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge Presenter

Paulus Romijn and Sally Spencer-Harris were beyond wonderful.  At a moment’s notice they organised everything for a successful audition for the Jim Henson Creature Shop Challenge Presenter role. They worked tirelessly to achieve the exact outcome that I asked them for.  I highly recommend  them.

Jayemi LiaoJayemi Liao

"I first came in to test the waters & it's the best thing I've ever done for myself... I didn't know I had it in me! Studio111 helped me discover my potential, taught me how to use it & the tutors are inspirational & very encouraging - I look forward to doing Level 3 next year.”

Testimonial from Level 1 – Jason Kennedy

“Sally has identified the core (and often overlooked) principles that free an actor to act. She does a marvelous job of condensing this essential product into X-Factor exercises. The result is an array of tools and training that goes well beyond the content of many four-year university drama programmes, delivered concisely within ten weeks.

Sally shows immense dedication to her students, not only providing meaningful exercises and constructive criticism during class time, but also meeting with students to coach and film outside of class. As an experienced casting director, Sally brings real-world experience about how to achieve maximum success during an audition, and how to achieve familiarity with on-set protocols.

Overall, Studio 111's Level 1 Intensive Screen Acting Course is an excellent investment for your existing or new-found career.”

Hi Sally,  
Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I enjoyed The course , your vibrancy mixed with your compassion for people made it unforgettable. It made me realise how repressed and self conscious I am about letting my emotions out and made me realise that there is some work to do in terms of exploring that side of me as well as dealing with a number of demons that are currently holding me back. Thank you for a great time , the group was awesome and your openness in sharing you experiences was extremely powerful and contributed to it feeling like a wonderful safe space to spend time in. Best of luck with your new studio and best wishes for the future. 

Many thanks,
Kim Wiseman


I was interested in doing the 10 week acting course but was unsure about the commitment. After many excuses, I decided to try out the one day intensive workshop and see if it was really something I wanted to experience. Even though I had some presenting experience, I started out a bundle of anxious nerves and was relieved when I found out everyone felt the same way too. I set the intention to gain some confidence, shed a bit of self consciousness and hoped not to feel too stupid in the process. I achieved those aims and gained much more. Sally is immediately disarming, professional and encouraging. I felt confident to trust her and the dynamic she created in the studio, as I stretched myself way out of my comfort zone. Paulus was a great compliment offering insights, industry anecdotes and honest perspectives on our presentations. The studio and space felt safe, non judgmental and even though our small group had only know each other for a really short time, we encouraged and supported each other to take risks. I felt inspired by the honesty and expressions of the other members of our group. Overall, the workshop was awesome, engaging, surprising, uplifting while providing great insights and practical tips about the industry. I learned a lot about myself, some of my strengths and can't wait to do the 10-week course. Thanks again Sally! I'll keep an eye out for the 5 week course. 
Best wishes, Alia x


"Level 1 is more than just the basics ( take it from someone who has done a one year Screen Acting training elsewhere!) it's inspiring, motivating, challenging and tremendously fun. Sally is a passionate and knowledgeable teacher who's teaching style is 100% engaging; she draws sincere and affecting performances from all manner of actors right from the very first class. Experience and skill level become irrelevant in this encouraging and honest atmosphere, where feedback is immediate, communal and highly constructive. As an actor I have relished this freedom to 'play' at my craft, and each class night I come away with a valuable increase in the practical, theoretical and emotional knowledge of acting, and the confidence to keep working at it. I frequently recommend this course to people as it's totally accessible, and delivers a condensed, high quality dose of fantastic training for energised, truthful and professional screen performances."
Angela Da Silva

“Studio 111 helped me so much with my confidence; I went into Level 1 a shy timid girl and came out a loud crazy woman! No, but really the courses were so helpful in overcoming my fears …I loved them! Sally is an amazingly talented and inspiring teacher and has helped me land parts in advertisements, television and feature films I would never have got without her help.”
Jade Collins – Actress Model


“Thank you again Sally, the course is fantastic and will definitely do the level 2 first thing in the new year!”
– Les Kemeny

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the One Day acting workshop. It was a lot of fun and everyone there was really lovely. I was a bit nervous in the morning, but by the afternoon I was really enjoying it. Acting was something I always wanted to do as a little girl, but then as an adult I just never did anything about it. I'm not so sure that I was any good on Saturday, but I gave it a go finally, and it was a fantastic experience! 
Thanks, Kirsty O'Dowd


I enjoyed last night very much!!! What amazing voice you have, and how you speak makes your voice music to my ears! I wish I can speak and talk like that! This is the difference between trained vs untrained; and proper English vs kiwi English? You ooozzzes energy that uplifts my spirit. I notice that all successful people have that high-energy quality to them, I guess because you are so excited about what you do! 
Monica Chen